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Michael "Michi" Sander. This name has stood for competence, consulting, and coaching worldwide for many years. He has now shared the latter with more than a million people. The gifted entrepreneur and speaker, who has spoken as the keynote speaker at thousands of meetings around the world, doesn't just put his finger in the wound to wake people up. On one hand, he is concerned with the truth, and on the other hand, he wants to get people out of their externally determined lives so that they can finally make their own decisions. In addition, Michi Sander shares his practical knowledge from more than 30 years of entrepreneurship with others. No read-in knowledge, but everything experienced and lived through.

Knowledge cannot be conveyed more authentically.

Despite and precisely because of his worldwide success, Michi Sander says that he has found a strong path to faith after struggled with obstacles from his childhood that almost robbed him of the strength to live. The more he freed himself step by step from this externally determined life, the stronger his belief in himself became. He hardly ever received any outside support. Instead, only (supposedly) well-intentioned advice. But Michi Sander realized early on that the limits of others are not his limits. Therefore, there were no problems or obstacles that could prevent him from achieving his goals. Anyone who stood in his way was unceremoniously put aside by him, true to the motto: "Get out of my way." This is how life goes when you are at peace, like Michi Sander. He is now on the sunny side of life and enjoys the fruits of his achievements. Which was not always like that. When he started his world was full of problems, obstacles, and worries. But Michi Sander saw the point behind it. This enabled him to achieve his goals even faster and more efficiently. This knowledge was neither given to him in the cradle nor was it taught to him in school. He had to learn everything himself. "Learning by doing" - is there a better teacher in life?

It was patience, ambition and a strong will to succeed that led him to deal with the world of crypto currencies in 2015. Even then, the plan was made to issue an own token. But while the Wild West still ruled this area in 2015, this is different today. Here he brought in all of his knowledge, which had developed from the development of concepts from over 160 company start-ups and management in the direct sales industry worldwide. Including his media group, which published multilingual magazines online at the beginning of the digital age. This resulted in, typically Michi Sander, another lucrative business area for him, namely a media and consulting agency that develops business concepts for globally active and established companies in the direct sales industry. Well over 100 companies around the world made use of these services. Many of them are big players today.

This framework would be too small if one were to list all the consulting assignments carried out by Michi Sander. Including cross-media, convergence-networked campaigns, development of innovative marketing ideas, corporate communication, corporate publishing, corporate design, social media relations, PR for social media, interim management, and other value creation processes. He was booked by well-known market-leading companies, whose names to mention here would violate his understanding of discretion. He prefers to celebrate his successes in silence than to hang them on the big bell. In doing so, he also fulfills the cliché of millionaires to which he has now counted himself. None of them show off their self-made wealth. You stay discreetly in the background and enjoy.

Now Michi Sander is breaking this distance with his own BEP20 token to support those interested in reaching their first million. In addition to several book publications in 2021, his own online academy and a joint venture with a global company in the field of Baccarat Staking, this is the last, decisive step with which everyone is now able to participate in Michi Sander's success. A great decision that once again shows how important social commitment is to the father of three, true to the motto: Giving is more blissful than receiving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Michi?

Think of MICHI as a fair universal currency for the people. Everywhere. It is not a meme currency like Doge, Shiba, or others. This is a real project that will be constantly evolving. And that begins with some projects where MICHI can be used already. You may have some questions.

Was there a Pre-Sale?

No, we don't do Pre-Sale. As I mentioned, it’s a “fair” universal currency. There was no Pre-Sale.

Where can I get Michi?

The Pancakeswap link is here: Pancakeswap.
The contract address is: 0xf570235081a4c4d84681877ab07f94356fc64c9f.

Here you find a tutorial: How to buy Michi.

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Michi $ander

Michael "Michi" Sander. This name has stood for competence, success and coaching worldwide for many years. He has now shared the latter with more than a million people. The gifted full-blooded entrepreneur and speaker, who has spoken as the keynote speaker at more than a thousand meetings around the world, doesn't just put his finger in the wound to wake people up.

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